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It dawned on me while I was updating an old article that there is no easy way to identify updated pages. This is a list of all the web pages ordered by date, with the newest pages on top. I've included a comment about the last update (no comment means it's the original page) or an indication if the page has been replaced with a newer one. I've also included entries to my Stratus blogs.

Useful Scripts and Programs2021-12-07Updated GitHub links - Find TCP connections that have been reset without being closed.
Documentation at
2022-03-23Updated to fix a bug that was causing connections where host-A sent a FIN, Host-B sends data, Host-A sends a RESET and then Host-B sends a RESET to be identified as reset.
Noah's Favorite Networking References2020-12-20Removed link to The ICSI Netalyzr, it is no longer available Test whether an IPv4 address is part of a subnet or not. Useful when comparing a lot of addresses to a lot of subnets. Documentation at - Create a table of DNS server query response times and list of unanswered queries. Documentation at a third table to take into account what the application sees if there are multiple name servers and the first one does not respond.
tshark: The capture file being read can't be written as a "pcapng" file. How to extract frames into a pacp file when tshark reports the error "The capture file being read can't be written as a "pcapng" file."2019-06-02 - Find TCP connections that have been reset without being closed. Documentation at to fix a bug that was causing connections where host-A sent a FIN but host-B sent the reset to be missed. Also sort the list of reset streams numerically and Print a message if no reset streams found. - For each retransmitted TCP segment determine if the segment is seen more than once. Documentation at a title line labeling the columns and a data length column. Also redirect stderr to /dev/null, piping the tshark output through head results in a boken pipe error which is anonying
Default TTL values for various OSes and protocols2019-01-06Added F5 Big-IP
List of various pages that I refer to2018-09-30Updated to remove pages I have stopped refering too A script to send an ICMP echo request (ping) with a 16 character message embedded in it instead of the standard sequence of ascii characaters. Documentation at A script to send an ICMP echo request (ping) with a 16 character time stamp (HH:MM:SS.sssssssss) embedded in it instead of the standard sequence of ascii characaters. Documentation at 
A Perl script to calculate the delta time between timestamps at the start of a line2018-04-26replaced < and > with HTML escape sequences so web page displays script correctly Find TCP connections where some middleware device has rewritten the TCP header sequence numbers but not the numbers in the SACK block. Documentation at - Find TCP connection attempts that have a failed. There are 8 failure scenarios, Documentation at identification of an RST failure and added SaR failure scenario - Find TCP connections that appear to have failed because of retransmission failures. Documentation at - Extracts byte strings from a TCP stream in a template trace and looks for the strings in a target trace. The goal is to find a match TCP stream in the target trace file. Documentation at a special profile to handle some prtocols, skip strings to many repeating chacaters, changed output format, and other things - Finds all files in the current directory and any sub directories and displays then start and end times in sorted order. Documentation at now skip files with no packets instead of displaying a time of n/a
Updated resume in HTML format2018-02-02
Updated resume in PDF format2018-02-02
Wireless LAN at JFK Airport2018-01-11
How can I capture the packet headers but not the data?2017-12-10
The Limitations of the Ethernet CRC and TCP/IP checksums for error detection2017-11-12Explicitly indicated that the TCP checksum includes the TCP data - Calculate throughput per second of a specific stream at resolutions of 1, 1/10, 1/100, and 1/1000 of a second. results are suitable for graphing. Documentation at - Compares IP ID and absolute TCP sequence and ACK numbers between two traces to match up TCP segments where the IP addresses and or TCP have been changed (i.e. NAT). Documentation at - Builds a tshark filter by ANDing or ORing the values in a list with a tshark variable. Documentation at - Removes a partial packet at the end of a packet trace file. Documentation at - Uses egrep to list all strings in a file that match an IPv4 address format and then sort -u to get a unique list. Really just a one-liner by this way I do not have to remember (or type) the egrep string. Its useful with to create a filter to display all the IPs listed in say a log file. Documentation at - Calculate the throughput of all TCP streams in a trace file. Documentation at - Reads X.pcap and creates a set of X.pcap_IP1-Port1_IP2-Port2_split.pcap files, one for each TCP four-tuple. Reads only pcap files not pcapng. Requires Python and the scapy module. Documentation at - Calculate the bytes in flight after each ACK. Documentation at - For every connection in the trace file calculate the percentage of retransmissions for every source IP address as retransmissions / not-retransmitted source segments. segments must contain data, i.e.will not identify retransmitted SYNs or FINs without data. Documentation at - Average a value returned by tshark. Documentation at - Runs tcpdump in the background with 10 files of 100 Meg each. Documentation at - Find TCP connections that have not been closed or reset. Documentation at - A shell script to measure the effects of retransmissions2017-09-30 - A Perl script to separate the TCP flows in a pcap file2017-07-09Added a link to the new python script
Graphing the number of connections seen in a packet trace file2016-06-05 
Pain Scale2016-05-15 
A Perl script to calculate the delta values between 2 or more sets of numbers contained in a file2016-03-26Added the separator argument - A shell script to send a ping containing the current date/time as text2015-09-06
A Native Windows tool to capture packets (no downloading necessary)2015-04-05
A Better Tshark follow stream - A shell and perl script combination to make a better follow stream than the default "-z follow,..." that tshark has.2015-03-08
Calculating TCP throughput and why you cannot rely on Wireshark2014-11-01
Interesting traces summary page2014-05-04Added trace 38 "out of order versus retransmission"
Perl script to send a labeling frame for inclusion into a protocol analyzer trace file2013-12-10Added Broadcast flag to allow broadcasts in systems that require the flag
Why can't I turn Auto-Negotiation off on my Gigabit and 10 Gigabit links?2013-10-06
Stratus blog: Inconsistent success using public keys2013-06-03
Stratus blog: Remote Command Execution2013-04-24
Stratus blog: Update to \93Changes in the STCP accept code may affect applications\942013-04-15
Stratus blog: How to access the graphical administrative interface of devices on the maintenance network2013-03-11
Stratus blog: Clone Wars2013-01-25
List all processes which have at least 1 STCP device clone locked2013-01-18
Listing processes attached to an STCP TCP socket2013-01-18Updated to indicate that macro will not list processes with unbound ports. You should run instead.
How many sockets can STCP really support and how do you determine the number currently in use?2013-01-17Updated for release 17.1, mention of the update_device_info command and modified the socket_count command macro to handle changes in analyze_system output for 17.1
Stratus blog: Telnet versus SSH2013-01-11
Stratus blog: Host versus Hosts 2012-11-18
Stratus blog: The Importance of -12012-10-29
Stratus blog: Third Party Keep-Alives2012-09-20
Third Party Keep-Alive2012-09-19
Stratus blog: STCP\92s Duplicate IP Address Detection2012-08-21
Stratus blog: packet_monitor and the TCP options supported in OpenVOS 17.12012-07-06
Command macros to display the names of users who are connected to a module via telnetd or sshd, the devices they are connected to and the IP address and port number they are connecting from.2012-06-07Updated and to work with 17.1
Stratus webinar presented May 23, 2012: Securing the VOS Telnet Daemon2012-05-25
A VBS script to stop a dumpcap (Wireshark) trace when a packet is seen (or not seen) in a tracefile2012-05-20
Stratus blog: TCP Backlog Capture2012-05-18
Stratus blog: Taking the Scenic Route2012-04-14
Stratus webinar presented March 21, 2012: VOS OSL Server Processes, How many do I really need?2012-04-02
Stratus blog: YouTube video of "VOS OSL Server Processes, How many do I really need?" technical webinar presented March 21, 20122012-03-27
Stratus blog: How active is that connection in the window?2012-02-19
Stratus blog: YouTube video of "OpenVOS Network Application Performance" Technical Webinar presented Jan 18, 20122012-01-19
Stratus webinar presented January 18, 2012: Network Application Performance2012-01-18
Stratus blog: SSH keys: DSA versus RSA2011-12-22
Stratus blog: Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU) versus Maximum Segment Size (MSS)2011-12-01
Stratus blog: A (very) simple log server for VOS2011-11-17
Interesting traces summary page2011-11-06Added trace 35 "Checksum errors"
Stratus blog: You don't exist go away2011-10-07
Stratus blog: Issues with newly registered users and SSH2011-09-09
Stratus blog: Sharing the Load \96 Multiple Processes Listening on the Same Port Number2011-08-01
Stratus blog: The amazing appearing/disappearing host routes2011-07-07
Stratus blog: Changes in the STCP accept code may affect applications2011-06-26See Stratus blog: Update to \93Changes in the STCP accept code may affect applications\94 for some missing information
Stratus blog: Host name resolution, a whole new paradigm 2011-05-30
Stratus blog: Whats in a hostname?2011-04-11
Stratus blog: Do you have enough OSL server processes runing?2011-03-23
Stratus blog: Flushing the STCP ARP cache2011-02-28
Stratus blog: Pardon me but do you have the time?2011-02-09
Stratus blog: Embedding passwords in a program is not very secure2011-01-24
Stratus blog: Don\92t forget to handle a graceful close, even if they can\92t happen2011-01-07
Stratus blog: What is your IP address?2010-12-08
Stratus blog: SSH and Passwords, Oh My!2010-12-03
Instructions for using Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 server Network Monitor. This is a ZIP of a DOC file. The ZIP file 2.5 meg2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to VBS script that can trigger the trace to stop
Tools to help monitor STCP and TCP_OS networks and devices2010-11-26Added disclaimers to the Excel spreadsheet macro and the Perl script
Perl script that uses TCP to "ping" a host2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the script
STCP tool that allows you to ping (sort of) when a firewall is blocking pings2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the program
Listing processes attached to an STCP TCP socket2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
Count number of STCP TCP sockets being used and list current limits2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
C program that allows you to log into a remote system via "telnet" and execute commands in a script. Allows execution within a command macro2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the program
Setting up Stratus STCP SSH to use public key authentication2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the file
Perl script to combine all packet_monitor protocol header lines into 1 line eliminating non-header lines2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the script
Perl script to take the output from packet_monitor and reformat it for processing into a pcap file.2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the script
VBS script to ping a host and execute a command if the ping fails2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the script
Command Macro that sets up an output file and runs packet_monitor in a started process sending its output to that file instead of the terminal screen. Also sets up useful arguments and filters2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
A VBS script to periodically collect network statistics for baselining and trouble shooting Windows systems2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the script
Command macro to loop through interface list doing a netstat -interface.2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
Monitor netstat output filtering out uninteresting lines2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
Command macro that runs netstat and filters the output for specific strings2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
Perl script to match lines from files2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the script
Command macros to display the names of users who are connected to a module via telnetd or sshd, the devices they are connected to and the IP address and port number they are connecting from.2010-11-26Added disclaimers to the macros
VBS script to list all files in a directory tree by size.2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the script
Command macro that lists the vterm parameters needed by telnet_msd for a set of vterms defined by a star name2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
Listing the STCP IP connections (sockets) associated with a process2010-11-26Added disclaimers to the macros
A scanner to find all hosts on a local subnet (uses ARP)2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
A macro to dump the stcp metering data and/or the TCB structure for a socket or sockets based on local or remote IP addresses or port numbers or state2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
A macro to dump the TCB and socket meters for all sockets associated with a process (or processes)2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
Command macro to display process data from a set of processes2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
Beacon packet to assist in protocol trace synchronization2010-11-26Added disclaimers to the programs
The 7 tests of highly reliable server applications2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the program
Managing a large output file by creating multiple little output files2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
Command Macro to gather STCP interface and Ethernet adapter statistics2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the macro
A JavaScript based script to generate passwords2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the script
Perl script to generate passwords2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the script
Dead Gateway Detection on VOS2010-11-26Added disclaimers to the macros
Dead Gateway Detection on ftServer2010-11-26Added a disclaimer to the script
Stratus blog: IT Myths - TCP guarantees delivery of your data2010-11-22
Stratus blog: Application event notification via E-mail2010-11-01
Stratus blog: Network Traces and Data Security2010-10-24
Stratus blog: Telnetd and remote (TCP connected) printers2010-10-01
Stratus blog: Line termination problems when using SFTP2010-09-09
Stratus blog: Testing network connectivity \96 alternatives to ping2010-08-31
Stratus blog: When an employee leaves the company deleting log-in credentials is not enough 2010-08-18
Stratus blog: TCP is a stream of bytes not messages2010-07-18
Stratus blog: SDLMUX revisited2010-07-08
Stratus blog: Accessing the ftStorage array's GUI interface from your workstation 2010-06-29
Stratus blog: Services file not just for server processes2010-06-04
Stratus blog: Monitoring network adapter status2010-05-25
Interesting traces summary page2010-05-23Added trace 33 "FTP server's IP address is changing in the middle of an FTP session"
Stratus blog: Interop report - April 27th 2010 Las Vegas NV2010-05-04
Stratus blog: Unblocking calls to the recv function without using non-blocking mode2010-04-28
Stratus blog: Why didn't my bandwidth upgrade speed up my file copies2010-04-08
Stratus blog: Explaining the traceroute command2010-03-30
Stratus blog: Automating file transfers with SFTP2010-03-08
Stratus blog: Automating file transfers with FTP macros2010-02-22
Stratus blog: Five tips to help speed problem resolution2010-02-12
Stratus blog: Using SNMP to monitor your connection to your switch2010-01-25
Stratus blog: Do you know where your TCP connections really end?2009-11-23
Stratus blog: Application Performance Problems and Latency2009-11-16
Stratus blog: Dealing with Daylight Savings Time2009-10-21
Stratus blog: Are you forwarding packets?2009-10-08
Stratus blog: packet_monitor mirror ports and taps Oh My!2009-09-24
Stratus blog: Pings can be Dangerous2009-08-30
Stratus blog: Is your pre-production network testing effective?2009-08-18
Stratus blog: Can you improve fault tolerance with multiple IP interfaces on the same subnet?2009-07-30
Stratus blog: An easy way to improve TCP throughput across subnets2009-07-07
Stratus blog: Things to consider on a Multihomed OpenVOS Module2009-06-19
Stratus blog: Do You Know Your Network Neighbors?2009-06-16
Stratus blog: Network Related Performance Problems? Check for low level Ethernet errors first2009-06-05
Stratus blog: Getting the most out of packet_monitor2009-05-29
Stratus blog: Are these processes really needed?2009-05-15
Stratus blog: Telnet can't live with it, can't live without it2009-05-07
Stratus blog: "SSH 2" versus "OpenSSL and OpenSSH release 2"2009-04-30
Stratus blog: How to Reserve a Port Number for Your Application2009-04-23
Stratus blog: When Sockets Go Bad2009-04-16
Stratus blog: Whither TCP statistics2009-04-08
Stratus blog: A host based firewall for VOS2009-04-02
Stratus blog: SSH Tunneling2009-03-23
Stratus blog: Test Monday (or: Are Your Network Connections Really Fault Tolerant?)2009-03-16
Noah's resume (top page)2009-03-04minor changes to work history
Anonymizing VOS2009-02-06Updated with information about network time protocol
Default port numbers used by Stratus supported server and client applications?2008-10-06Updated with new applications and converted to an HTML file. The original file is still available here
Mapping TCP or UDP ports back to a VOS, ftServer, or ftLinux process2008-09-18Added procedure for processes using STCP UDP ports
Secure Web Browsing When You Are Away From Home2008-08-30added a comment about web proxies and bank certificates
How to identify and correct Ethernet duplex mismatch problems2008-08-27 
Selecting TCP Port Numbers for Fun, Profit and Reliability2008-06-27convert to HTML, update for STCP UDP
Noah's home page2008-06-07Added a link to the "dates" page
Living with STCP2008-06-04correct TTWin version that supports SSH tunneling
Understanding STCP Send and Receive Windows2008-05-07information on stcp-1447 and stcp-2387 fixes
The TCP Keepalive feature as implemented under STCP2007-05describe stcp-2349 and stcp-2367 and the use of list_stcp_params and set_stcp_param
How many sockets can STCP really support and how do you determine the number currently in use?2006-12an updated version of can be found here
Demystifying STREAMS memory2006-10
Password Generation for MS Windows.2006-09
FTP Issues and Solutions2006-07-18information on sftp-248 and release 14.7.2ah
MAC address assignment of ftServer\AE V Series and Continuum\AE network interface adapters2006-05
MAC Address Assignment of ftServer System Network Interface Adapters2006-01
Using Dummynet to simulate a WAN over a LAN.2006-01
The ARP cache (for all 6 TCP stacks)2005-12-07include some information on Red Hat
Assuring a Seamless Ethernet Failover with Proper Switch Configuration2005-11-07information on sdlmux-129 and multiple switch topologies
Instructions for using tcpdump to get a useful network protocol trace.2005-11
Help, I'm stuck in FIN_WAIT_2 and I can't get out2005-07-05include STCP information)
Realistic Expectations for your Gigabit Network2005-07
tping is a ping replacement for Microsoft Windows that uses TCP connections instead of ICMP. This is a ZIP file containing some documentation and the EXE file.2005-05
VOS File Transfer Options2005-04
Porting TCP_OS applications to STCP2004-09
Tuning Your MSS2004-06
Writing a server started by STCP's POSIX version of inetd2003-09
Eliminating Underrun errors on the ftServer2003-09
Fault Tolerant Networking on VOS2003-09
How to map TCP ports back to a VOS or ftServer process2002-12an update to this article can be found here
Your application from the network\92s perspective2002-09
Trouble Shooting with network traces2002-09
TCP keep-alive NOT!2001-12an updated an update to this article can be found here
Some thoughts on security for the VOS Operating System2001-12
Connection issues with STCP2001-06
The performance impact of packet loss2001-04
I see in the syserr log\852000-09
Balancing the load, multiple TCP application servers2000-06
DLMUX - fault tolerance for VOS Ethernet Devices2000-04
Why won't my TCP based server start2000-02
The secrets of inetd2000-01
Check the low level Ethernet statistics2000-01
LAN Network Administration for the VOS System Administrator1999-09
Multi-homing is simple1998-10
DL_MUX and RNI1998-09
Full duplex Ethernet - faster Ethernet for a price1998-07
FTX's TCP/IP Environment1998-04
Host name resolution under TCP_OS1997-12
SQE isn't tricky1997-10
Routing made simple1997-09
Terminals are tricky1997-06
Taking the pulse of your network with netstat or what do all those numbers really mean1996-09
Netstat probable causes color coded chart1996-09
Resolving Network Problems with and (RTF document)1995-09

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