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Serendipity is a function of bandwidth

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Whats new (or old) a listing of all my pages ordered by when they were last updated and the date of that update.

Index of all the scripts and commands that are scattered around here.

Publications and other on-line articles:

Interesting Trace Library

My resume in HTML and PDF formats

When I first started this page I swore that I would not just create a page that had links to other pages. However, I find that I need a centralized location for places that I go to all the time. Yes I know that that is what the "favorites" tab is for, but I routinely use 3 different systems and have another 3 that I am on frequently if less than routinely. I won't mention the number of systems that I am on only occationally. Keeping all those systems in sync is a pain so here is my page of Favorite Networking References.

I am not sure where I got this from and I trust that I am not breaking anyone's copyright but there is a trouble shooting flow chart that you might find amusing (it not useful)

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