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I solve problems. Currently those problems deal with local area networks and TCP/IP. Typically, I do this from my office, speaking to customers on the phone, logging into their systems via a dial up line or secure Internet connection and using remote diagnostic tools. When necessary I have traveled to the customer sites. Trouble shooting network issues is a 7x24 activity and approximately once a month for a week I am on 24-hour call, with a 15-minute response time.

I constantly review other people's programs both to find bugs and to understand how they work. I also write test programs to isolate bugs. These activities keep my programming skills sharp.

I enjoy writing. Besides numerous Stratus presentations and articles for the Stratus Users Group newsletter, the Stratus Customer and Partners eNewsletters and the Stratus OpenVOS blog, I have written a number of technical articles on networking topics and product reviews. I also wrote and am responsible for keeping current the Stratus OpenVOS Network Configuration and Troubleshooting class which is given to both customers and Stratus employees.

I am a firm believer in continuing education. Whenever possible I attend seminars and webinars on new and potentially important topics. I read constantly.


Currently using

Ethernet, TCP/IP


Previously used

FDDI, Token Ring, X25, SS7





Currently using

C, Perl


Previously used

FORTRAN IV, PL/I, IBM-PC assembler, ALGOL 60, Lisp, Ada, Pascal, C++







Wireshark Certified Network Analyst (#233310)

RHCT (#605007269115207)


Wireshark University 11/2010

Red Hat 9/2007


CCNA (ID: CSCO11014841) 

Cisco 1/2006


MCSA 2003 (ID: 2328442)

Microsoft 11/2003


MCSE 2000 (ID: 2328442)

Microsoft 5/2001



CompTIA 12/99


Ethernet Data Link

CNX 10/98


NetAnalyst Level II

Network Analyst Forum 9/96




Operating Systems



Currently using



VOS (Stratus proprietary), Microsoft Windows 2003/2008, Red Hat Linux, Cisco IOS


Previously used

DEC-System-10, MS-DOS, Multics, SunOS, HP-UX 10.x, 11.x, FTX (Stratus SVR4 UNIX), Microsoft Windows NT/2000




Protocol Analyzers

Currently using

Wireshark, tcpdump, Microsoft Windows Network Monitor


Previously used

Network General Sniffer, Etherpeek, Ethereal, Shomti Surveyor






various classes taught by vendors and seminar houses


MS Computer Science 1988 Arizona State University Thesis: How People Use Large Vocabulary Systems


B.Sc. Mathematics 1975 Colorado School of Mines




Numerous publications on networking topics and product reviews in several paper and web based magazines

Work History

11/87 to Present

Stratus Technologies

Phoenix AZ

I am responsible for resolving critical customer problems dealing with Ethernet and the TCP/IP protocol suite, on all five of Stratus' operating systems, VOS, FTX, HP-UX, Microsoft Windows 2000/2003/2008 and Red Hat Linux. Problems range from bugs in Stratus software to incorrect system configuration or application design and network failure or performance problems caused by bad network design or failing equipment. Many times resolution of network problems requires analysis of a protocol trace and Layer 2, 3 and 4 statistics. Most of the time I use remote debugging tools built in the operating system or 3rd party tools like a protocol analyzer with remote access capabilities. When necessary I travel to customer sites for on-site analysis and resolution of the problem. I also act as a consultant to other customer support, field support and sales personnel.

In addition to problem solving I write and present tutorials both internally and to customers. I have presented tutorials at the Stratus Users conference, the Stratus World conference, the Continuous Availability Summit and several webinars which can be found on the “Stratus Tech” channel on YouTube. I wrote and present a 5 day class on Stratus OpenVOS network administration and troubleshooting. I have also written numerous articles on networking. These articles include tutorial information and tools written in C, Perl and the proprietary Stratus VOS command language. Some of these have been published in the Stratus Users Group newsletter, the Stratus Customer and Partner eNewsletters and the Stratus OpenVOS blog.

Special projects have included simulating a customer's network with 3,000 hosts, the development of an LPD client for the VOS operating system, a version of UUCP for FTX. The development of a set of Perl scripts and Excel macros for the analysis of TCP protocol traces and diagnosis of TCP performance problems and a white paper on security hardening of the OpenVOS operating system.

Prior to my specialization in the communication area I resolved problems dealing with Oracle and Sybase databases on VOS.


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