Interesting Traces - odd length packet failure

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This problem happened to me while I was working on another problem. I set up my test environment which consisted of one system with an Intel PRO/1000 T card (copper gigabit interface) connected to a Canary GFT-1055 media converter connected to a Agilent Technologies analyzer with fiber ports connected to an Allied Telesyn AT-MC1004 media converter connected to another system with an Intel PRO/10000 T. Got that? Two systems connected with copper and a fiber based analyzer in the middle. I was just trying to do some timing tests using FTP (I realize that FTP is not the best way to test performance but this was supposed to be a quick and dirty test). Here is the summary traces from the analyzer (I removed some columns which I don't think are relevant to make it fit neatly on the page):

      Length   Source           Destination        Protocol
 1      64   XX-XX-XX-01-28-2E  FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF  ARP  Request from for 
 2      68   XX-XX-XX-42-3B-6E  XX-XX-XX-01-28-2E  ARP  Reply is at XX-XX-XX-42-3B-6E   
 3      66        TCP  t4696  -> ftp    Flags=....S. Seq=3496445664 
 4      64       TCP  ftp    -> t4696  Flags=.A..S. Seq=2004086213 Ack=3496445665
 5      64        TCP  t4696  -> ftp    Flags=.A.... Ack=2004086214     
 6     145       FTP  220 hostname FTP ser..                           
 7      64        TCP  t4696  -> ftp    Flags=.A.... Ack=2004086301     
 8      67        FTP  USER tt<0D><0A>                                  
 9      67        FTP  USER tt<0D><0A>                                  
10      67        FTP  USER tt<0D><0A>                                  
11      67        FTP  USER tt<0D><0A>                                  
12      67        FTP  USER tt<0D><0A>
13      64        TCP  t4696  -> ftp    Flags=.A...F Seq=3496445674 Ack=2004086301
14      64       TCP  ftp    -> t4696  Flags=.A.... Ack=3496445665 

You will notice that it starts off OK but I never get an ACK for my USER command. I could ping and get responses even while I never got an ACK for USER:

      Length   Source           Destination        Protocol
18      78        ICMP     Echo request    
19      78       ICMP     Echo reply      
20      67        FTP      USER tt<0D><0A>
21      78        ICMP     Echo request    
22      78       ICMP     Echo reply      
23      78        ICMP     Echo request    
24      78       ICMP     Echo reply      
25      78        ICMP     Echo request    
26      78       ICMP     Echo reply      
27      78        ICMP     Echo request    
28      78       ICMP     Echo reply      
29      67        FTP      USER tt<0D><0A>
30      78        ICMP     Echo request     
31      78       ICMP     Echo reply       
32      78        ICMP     Echo request     
33      78       ICMP     Echo reply       
34      78        ICMP     Echo request     
35      78       ICMP     Echo reply       
36      78        ICMP     Echo request     
37      78       ICMP     Echo reply       
38      78        ICMP     Echo request     
39      78       ICMP     Echo reply       
40      78        ICMP     Echo request     
41      78       ICMP     Echo reply       
42      67        FTP      USER tt<0D><0A>
43      78        ICMP     Echo request    
44      78       ICMP     Echo reply      
45      78        ICMP     Echo request    

The really observant will notice something odd about the frames containing the USER command - and I mean that literally. The length of those frames is odd while all the other frames have an even number of bytes. A quick check using ping shows that odd length frames do not get a response while even length frames do.

      Length   Source           Destination        Protocol
 1      78        ICMP     Echo request 
 2      78       ICMP     Echo reply   
 3      79        ICMP     Echo request 
 4      80        ICMP     Echo request 
 5      80       ICMP     Echo reply   
 6      81        ICMP     Echo request 
 7      82        ICMP     Echo request 
 8      82       ICMP     Echo reply   
 9      83        ICMP     Echo request 
10      84        ICMP     Echo request 
11      84       ICMP     Echo reply   
12      85        ICMP     Echo request 
13      86        ICMP     Echo request 
14      86       ICMP     Echo reply   
15      87        ICMP     Echo request 

What could cause this? Intel reports a compatibility problem between the PRO/1000 T and some Cisco devices that can result in CRC errors (I noticed the CRC errors whenever I sent the odd length pings). See and pages don't mention anything about odd length packets but when I downloaded the Solaris OS driver and looked at the files in it I found a note about CRC errors and odd length packets. While the pages talk only about Cisco devices it is obvious that the problem can occur when using other devices as well. In my case the Allied Telesyn media converter showed the problem but the Canary does not. When I reversed the direction of the ping (34 to 120) I get what appears to be a perfectly normal trace but the ping command still times out on the odd length pings because host 34 gets a CRC error on the responses.

      Length   Source           Destination        Protocol
 1      78       ICMP     Echo request 
 2      78        ICMP     Echo reply   
 3      79       ICMP     Echo request 
 4      79        ICMP     Echo reply   
 5      80       ICMP     Echo request 
 6      80        ICMP     Echo reply   
 7      81       ICMP     Echo request 
 8      81        ICMP     Echo reply   
 9      82       ICMP     Echo request 
10      82        ICMP     Echo reply   
11      83       ICMP     Echo request 
12      83        ICMP     Echo reply

The good news is that there are drivers at Intel that fix the problem for Windows and Solaris. It also appears that the Linux driver ( is fixed.

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